Established in 2006, Chautuan Co., Ltd is manufacturer and wholesale beautiful handmade products such as hat and bag. Our products are hand woven by local artisans and made from 100% Sea Grass and Palm Straw, eco-friendly, good for the planet sources.


In 2010,  Chautuan began to expand investment into the area of export. Till now, Chautuan has become a leading export companies for straw hat, straw bag and are sustainably developing.


Chautuan's straw hat: Suit for advertising strategy, tourist markets, going out to sea, etc


Chautuan' straw bag: Suit for  Decorative, Creative Storage, Picnic, Grocery Baskets, Beach Bag, Plant Pot Covers, Laundry, Toy Organizer, etc

Welcome to Chautuan – where you can find a variety of products with high quality, attractive and elegant designs but competitive price, with an energetic and professional working team, we are committed to providing you the best customer service.